Can I create an order for a buyer?


Yes. The FarmersWeb Unlimited account types have this functionality.

Click on Orders on the header of any page. On the orders page, click the green "New Order" button which is on the right hand side of the page just below the Refer A Friend button. 

From here, you'll be able to choose a date, enter the buyer name (the field will autocomplete as you type if the buyer is already in the system), e-mail address (the invoice will be sent here), as well as add products and specify pricing to create an new order for this buyer. This can be a pick up order or delivery. Delivery orders will only allow you to choose dates for which you already have a delivery setting. Pick-up orders can be for any date. 

If the buyer is not already in the system you can add their name and enter an e-mail address for them (so they get an e-mail copy of the invoice) and an account will be automatically created for them and they will receive an e-mail with log in instructions should they want to review or manage their order later on FarmersWeb. If they are not already in the system you'll need to enter a delivery address for them for delivery orders so they system can match them with your delivery settings.

This feature allows you to give buyers terms and collect from them in any manner you wish while still benefiting from all the features of FarmersWeb with that order. And, you can click "paid in full" with any order you create to denote it has already been paid. It will show up in your financials section in FarmersWeb as paid the day after order creation for a pick up order, and at the end of the credit request period for a delivery order. 

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