I don't understand the Financials section.


There are 2 main sections to your Financials page, which you can switch between by toggling the green "Receivables"/"Payables" button:


This section shows all invoices for orders you sold and delivered. You can see this data in a few different ways:

1. Filter by STATUS. This dropdown menu allows you to see either just paid invoices, just unpaid invoices, or all invoices. 

2. SORT. This dropdown menu allows you to sort by when the order was placed, by the delivery date, or by buyer name.

3. DELIVERY DATE. You can choose a date range to see orders that were delivered during that range. 

If you need to send a buyer a specific invoice again, you can search by the order # or just find the invoice in the list. Then select  the check marks next to the invoices you want to print. Click Actions and choose Invoice PDF. This will create a PDF version of those invoices for you to print or email as appropriate.

Once you have received payment for invoices due, make sure to mark that order as paid. The order will then also show up as paid in the buyer account.


If you work with a logistics provider, this section will show what you owe them and what you have paid for each order they delivered for you. You can see this data in all the same ways as the Receivables section (described above).

Once you have paid the logistics provider for any orders, make sure to mark it as paid here.


The Batch Payouts Summary button shows you which orders are included in each check or credit card deposit, along with the date the payment was deposited and a reference number.

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