Can I share my availability list with buyers?



Click on the products link in the header to view your up-to-date product inventory. On the top right just above sorts and filters is a grey button Create Product Catalog PDF.

Once you click the button, you will be sent an e-mail link. While still logged into FarmersWeb, click the link in your e-mail to open the PDF. Once opened, you can download and save it to your computer or print for distribution to your buyers by e-mail or fax. The catalog contains your logo (upper left hand corner) and a date created so buyers know it is a reflection of your availability as of that day only. The product listings in the PDF catalog are of active items only and are "live links" so buyers can click on them and be launched right into that product in your account on FarmersWeb for quick shopping form you. 


Before generating the PDF, you may want to double check that your product listings are up to date and only items in season are selected as active. You may also download a .CSV file of your entire product list (both inactive and active items).


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