What are the different types of accounts and how much do they cost?


There are four types of accounts:

FarmersWeb Basic, which is...free, lets you create a simple profile page with contact information, farm description, and categories. You get online exposure without having to create your own website. 

FarmersWeb Online Standard is $40/month. This plan type allows for online sales by buyers who pay by credit card only. 

FarmersWeb Unlimited is $75/month (with the first month free) and combines the functionality of the other 2 paid plan types plus the added ability to allow select buyers to place orders online but pay offline on terms. 

All paid account types include a range of additional features. A full feature list is available on the homepage

Fees for paid monthly account types will be charged to your credit card on day of sign up and monthly thereafter.

You may cancel, downgrade to FarmersWeb basic, or switch plan types at any time. 

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