How do I add a product?


Once you click the Products link, you’ll see a big green button that says create a new product.


First choose a category and then subcategory for your product.  The subcategory field has a list of suggestions, however you can add your own if you do not see one that fits.  If you create a new subcategory it will be saved for you for future use. The product name field is where you put the product name that your buyers will see.  For example, "Baby Carrots" or "White Peaches, Organic". Fill in the description section with any additional information you would want a buyer to know about the product.

Once the name and description is complete, move on to the product inventory section to fill in case sizes, prices, and amounts available. If your item is a catch weight item--the final price will change depending on the final weight--make sure to choose yes where it asks.

Note that the price you put in is what the buyer will see. 

Sales paid by credit card on FarmersWeb will be deposited directly into your bank account, minus a 3.5% + $0.30 service fee.

The final amount you will receive after service fee on credit card sales is calculated for you right below the price box so you can set your prices accordingly.

Sales for which buyers pay you offline (by check or other means) have no service fee. 

Once product inventory is complete you can add an image for your product. 

Next select any relevant product characteristics. If you selected characteristics at the farm level already, those will already be checked for you. 

Next, set the products availability and any availability dates.  The product availability can either be "Available", "Coming Soon", or "Hidden".  Available products will appear on your inventory list for shopping from your buyers.  Coming soon products will appear below your available inventory on your inventory list.  Buyers will be able to see products that are coming soon (and expected availability dates if you have added them) but will not be able to shop for these products.  Hidden products are items that are on your product list but will not appear when buyers are looking at your inventory.  These are products that might be out of season or no longer available.  

You can add availability dates to a product either for internal use or for the benefit of your buyers.  These can be exact date ranges or estimated date ranges.  These dates can be refined at anytime to more accurately reflect the expected availability.  

You can preview the item by clicking save and preview at the bottom or simply click save product or save product and create new if you want to create another product.  You can edit your products anytime by clicking on their name on your products page. 


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