Can I turn off catch weight alerts?


Yes.  To turn of catch weight alerts and ignore catch weight restrictions go to the Tools & Settings page.  Go to the section titled "Catch Weight Restrictions" and select "Yes" next to the question "Ignore Catch Weight Restrictions". 

Please remember, normally, when a product is configured as a catch weight item, orders with that product require you to enter in the final weight before that order will generate an invoice to the buyer and flow into your financial section. You are also normally alerted when a catch weight has not been set. Activating this setting will disable those features for orders NOT paid by credit card. Whatever estimated weight you entered when creating the product will be used as the final weight for price calculations for invoicing the buyer and for that order in the financials section of your account. Credit card orders will still require you to enter a final weight.

Please note if you turn Catch Weight restrictions off and use another software to invoice your buyers, your customers may see a final weight and order total price that does not match.

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