How do I access, view and download my reports?


To view, run, and download your reports, first go to the Reports page by clicking Reports at the top of the page inside your FarmersWeb account.  On the Reports page you will be able to view and download financial reports for products, buyers, delivery routes, pickup locations, and if applicable other farms that you sell for.  

To view a report, select the type of report you want to view from the tabs "Products", "Buyers", "Delivery Routes", "Pick Up Locations", and "Farms".  Once you have a chosen a category you can narrow the search result by choose a start date and end date for the report using the calendar buttons next to "Show Report From".  To download the full report click the grey "Download Report CSV" button.  To download specific items on the report select the check marks to the right of the items, go the Actions menu and select "Download CSV".  

If you want more detailed information on any of the items in a report, click the name of the item.  This will produce a report specific to that item.  For example, if you want to know all the buyers that purchased a specific product, click that product name on the Products Report page and you will get a report of that product's buyers.  If you want a report of all the products a buyer has purchased, click that buyers name on the Buyers Report page and you will see a report of the products they have purchased.


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