I sell products from other producers. Can I add a specific producer name to those products?


Yes.  If you are a farmer selling products from another producer, or a co-op or a distributor that sells from multiple producers, you can add additional producer information to your profile and attach a producer name to each product.  To create a producer and attach a producer name to a product, you must first enable this setting by going to the Tools and Settings page in the Settings dropdown menu, and selecting "Yes" under the "Producer Management" section.  After activating, go to the "Producers" page in the dropdown menu and add producers by clicking the green "+Create New Producer" button. You can manage all added producers on this page.  To attach a producer to a product, you can select the producer from the dropdown "Producer" menu on the create new product or edit product details page. Buyers will then be able to see this information in your online availability, product catalog, packing slip, and invoice. Producer name will also be visible internally on your picklist and you will be able to generate reports based on your producers. 



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